UPS launches "United Problem Solvers" campaign

"The scope of UPS services has expanded significantly in the last few years," said Alan Gershenhorn, Executive VP and Chief Commercial Officer. "We are continuing to change in response to customers' needs. We're transforming UPS from a logistics provider to a full-service partner that offers world class expertise and capabilities that helps customers increase revenue; improve cash flow; minimize lead time and reduce cost."

"Our employees solve customer problems by using the best mix of proven analysis methods, innovative technologies and the company's extensive global transportation network. We not only move goods through all aspects of the supply chain, we also help our customers approach their business problems to uncover new top line and bottom line opportunities," said Gershenhorn.

"The new 'United Problem Solvers' campaign illustrates how our more than 400,000 employees approach problems with expertise and intense commitment to help customers," said Gershenhorn. "Our essential message is to invite customers to challenge us with their business problems. We are confident that we can offer insights that will help them be more successful."

The campaign's television, print and online advertising debuts in the United States in media surrounding the NCAA Basketball Tournament. UPS is the Official Logistics Partner of the NCAA. The campaign will subsequently appear in international markets including China, Germany, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

The "United Problem Solvers" advertising invites customers to "Bring us those things you're not sure how to pull off and you're even less sure who to ask. Because we're in the pushing-what's possible business. The how-do-I-get-this-startup-off-the-ground business. The taking-your-business-global business. We're in the problem-solving business." The "United Problem Solvers" campaign was developed in partnership with UPS's global advertising agency, Ogilvy & Mather.

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