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British Gas (UK) Our electricity has the lowest CO2 emissions of any major supplier. Energie 2007 [+]
Brooks Harvey & Co (UK) Creative financing & counseling for major real estate projects. Finanzen 1979 [+]
BWIA (UK) The major airline of the Caribbean. Transport 1985 [+]
Claritin (US) Official allergy medication of major league baseball. Gesundheit/Pharma 2001 [+]
Fordson (UK) The major power on the land. Haushalt/Garten 1950 [+]
General Electric Customer Care (US) Good service Another reason why GE is America's #1 major appliance value. Elektrogeräte 1972 [+]
Goodyear Grand Prix S (UK) A major contribution to road safety. Verkehrsmittel 1981 [+]
Leicester City Council (UK) Be part of a major re-build. Soziales 2005 [+]
Louisville Slugger (US) The official bat of major league baseball. Sport/Freizeit 2009 [+]
Manlift (US) Every major airline in the world uses Manlift. Technologie 1977 [+]
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